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Length of Suspension or Revocation for Testing Over the Legal Limit in Missouri

After your arrest, you will likely be asked to submit to a breath or blood test to determine its alcohol content. If your test result is .080 or more, and you have not had any previous alcohol-related convictions, suspensions, or refusal revocations in the five (5) year period preceding your current arrest, your license may be suspended for a period of 90 days. You may be eligible for a restricted driving privilege for the entire period if you have an Ignition Interlock Device installed on your vehicle and file proof of insurance (“SR-22”). Otherwise, you will not be able to drive during the first 30 days of the suspension, but may be eligible for a restricted driving privilege for the balance of the suspension period. The Missouri license reinstatement requirements  can be daunting to understand and mistakes could have grave consequences.

If you have a previous DWI or BAC conviction, administrative alcohol suspension or chemical refusal on your driving record within the past five years, the revocation period will be for one (1) year.  Depending on your driving history, you may be eligible for an immediate restricted driving, but again, you must have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle and have your automobile insurance company file a SR-22.  You will also be required to keep the interlock on your vehicle for an additional six months from the time your license is reinstated.

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