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DWI Helpful Links

Alcohol & Drug Help

Alcoholics Anonymous

Bridgeway Behavioral Health

Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services (“EMASS”)

Missouri Al-Anon

Narcotics Anonymous (“NA”)



Arkansas Courts

Illinois Courts

Iowa Courts

Kansas Courts

Missouri CaseNet (Find out about your case in the Missouri state court system)

Missouri Courts

Missouri’s Fine Collection Center (“FCC”)

Oklahoma Courts

Tennessee Courts

United States Supreme Court


Index of US Government Departments and Agencies

Missouri Bar

Missouri Counties Map (Great map of location of Missouri counties)

Missouri Governor Michael L. Parson

Missouri House of Representatives

Missouri Legislator Lookup

Missouri Senate

United States Army

Law Enforcement

American Academy of Forensic Science  

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”)

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt

Missouri Cops

Missouri Department of Corrections

Missouri Department of Public Safety

Missouri Division of Probation and Parole

Missouri Police Chiefs Association

Missouri Police and Sheriff Department List

Missouri Safety Center

Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission

Missouri Sheriff’s Association

Missouri State Highway Patrol

United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”)

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”)

Legal Help

American Civil Liberties Union

Aubuchon Bail Bonds (Franklin County, Jefferson County, Lincoln County, St. Charles County, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Warren, & Washington County)

Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“MACDL”)

Missouri Legal Aid

Missouri State Public Defender

Sharma-Crawford Immigration Attorneys (Great Immigration Lawyers in KC)

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (“TCDLA”)

Top DWI Lawyers in Other Places (I know most of these folks personally, the rest I know by reputation)   


John T. Kirk (Montgomery)

Phillip B. Price (Huntsville)


James Nesci (Tucson)

Joseph P. St. Louis (Tucson)


Ralph J. Blagg (Clinton)

Kirby Riffel (Pocahontas)

Brad J. Williams (Conway)


Paul Burglin (San Rafael)

James Farragher Campbell (San Francisco)

Michael J. Kennedy (Yucca Valley)

Virginia L. Landry (Laguna Hills)

Barry T. Simons (Laguna Hills)

Lawrence Taylor (Long Beach)


Timothy R. Bussey (Colorado Springs)


Alan S. Bernstein (Hollywood)

Thomas S. Hudson (Sarasota)

David S. Katz (Orlando)

Flem K. Whited, III (Daytona Beach)


Robert W. Chestney (Atlanta)

Michael Hawkins (Atlanta)

William “Bubba” Head (Atlanta)

George A. Stein (Atlanta)


Steven H. Fagan (Des Plains)

Stephen M. Komie (Chicago)

Don Ramsell (Wheaton – West Chicago area)


Patrick J. Arata (Fort Wayne)

J. Paul, III (Indianapolis)


Leslie F. Hulnick (Wichita)

Troy V. Huser (Manhattan)

Douglas E. Wells (Topeka)


Wayne R. Foote (Bangor)


Leonard R. Stamm (Greenbelt)


Stephen L. Jones (Norwell)

Thomas E. Workman, Jr. (Taunton)


Charles Ramsay (Roseville)

Douglas V. Hazelton (Bloomington)


Victor Carmody (Jackson)


Jeffrey Eastman (Kansas City area) – (816) 452- 6030

403 NW Englewood Rd, Gladstone, MO 64118

Adam Woody (Springfield)


Bell Island

New Hampshire

Ryan L. Russman (Exeter, Portsmouth, and Manchester)

New Jersey

John Menzel (Asbury Park)

New Mexico

Roderick T. Frechette (Albuquerque)

New York

Edward L. Fiandach (Rochester)

Peter Gerstenzang (Albany)


Bruce Edge (Tulsa)

Tom Hosty (Oklahoma City)

John Hunsucker (Oklahoma City)

Charles Sifers (Oklahoma City)


Peter J. Carini (Medford)

John Henry Hingson, III (Oregon City)


Justin McShane (Harrisburg)

Rhode Island

John A. Tarantino (Providence)

South Carolina

Drew Carroll (Charleston)

Scott Joye (Murrells Inlet)

Timothy Kulp (Charleston)

Ronnie M. Cole (Anderson)


James A.H. Bell (Knoxville)

Steve Oberman (Knoxville)


Mimi Coffey (Ft. Worth)

Christopher N. Hoover (Dallas)

Troy McKinney (Houston)

Doug Murphy (Houston)

Bennie Ray (Austin)

Gary Trichter (Houston)


Jason Schatz (Salt Lake City)


George L. Bianchi (Seattle area)

Douglas Cowan (Kirkland)

William K. Kirk (Kirkland)

West Virginia

Harley O. Wagner (Martinsburg)


Andrew Mishlove (Glendale)

Lauren B. Stuckert (Milwaukee)


Michael Vang (Laramie)


Legal Resources

American Law Sources On Line (Full-text legal documents from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. U.S. contents include: Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. District and Circuit Courts, State Court of Appeals, State Constitutions, Codes, and Legislation and more)

Bureau of Justice Statistics (Statistics about crime and victims, drugs and crime, criminal offenders, the justice system in the United States, law enforcement, prosecution, courts and sentencing, corrections, justice expenditure and employment)

Code of Federal Regulations

Department of Revenue DWI Information

DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Participant Manuals

Famous American Trials (This site contains accounts, maps, photos, transcript excerpts and other materials relating to over 56 famous trials, from Socrates to the Scopes to O. J. Simpson. The Web’s largest collection of primary documents and original materials) pertaining to famous trials)

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations  

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

Freedom of Information Act Searchable Database

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (“MUTCD”)

Missouri Breath Alcohol Instrument Maintenance Reports

Missouri Code of State Regs for Breath, Blood & Urine Testing for Alcohol & Drugs

Missouri Constitution

Missouri Revised Statutes

Missouri Traffic Bench Guide

National Institute of Standards & Technology (“NIST”)

United States Bill of Rights and Amendments

United States Immigration Laws and Regulations

United States Official Time Clock


Traffic Safety

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Celtic Kane’s BAC Calculator

Intoximeter’s Drink Wheel  (Calculate your BAC)


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (“MADD”)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”)

Online Conversion for Speed and Distance

SmartStart (Ignition Interlock Company)

Students Against Drunk Driving (“SAAD”)

Sunrise and Sunset Data

Weather Reports