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A person who is charged with a third drunk driving offense in Missouri faces a Class E felony DWI charge. If you plead guilty or you are found guilty of a E felony DWI, you could be sentenced to up to four years in a Missouri prison and fined as much as $10,000. Needless to say, the potential penalties are more severe for a fourth, fifth or 6th DWI offense.

Prosecutors are significantly more aggressive pursuing conviction of felony DWI charges. If you face these charges, you need legal representation from lawyers who have thorough knowledge of DWI defense. Many attorneys feel felony DWI cases are “unwinnable.” But at the Law Office of Carl M. Ward in Missouri, we defend individuals against felony DWI charges and we have had success.

We use our knowledge during our own investigation of your case to determine whether there were any issues with the breath-testing device itself or how it was used during an arrest. A challenge on the admissibility of the breath-testing reading device has resulted in reduced charges in some past cases and the complete dismissal of charges in others. We will also challenge the officer’s DWI investigation from start to finish.

While other defense lawyers are quick to accept reduced charges and move on to the next case, we are capable and determined to take your case to trial if it is in your best interest.

Missouri Felony DWI Defense Attorneys

If you have questions about your arrest or possible defense strategies on a felony DWI charge, you can have them answered by a St. Louis area felony DWI defense attorneys in a free consultation. Call 314-394-2150 or  email us to make an appointment.